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Trouble or Treat? When Fall Color Comes Too Soon

When the leaves of deciduous trees lose their green and change to red, gold, and brown, they give us a familiar spectacle. In fact, it’s one of nature’s better shows. But when your trees change color early, or when only part of the tree changes color while the rest stays green, that’s often a sign of disease.
Why Leaves Change Color

What Are the Typical Tree Trimming Costs?

Keeping your trees trimmed and pruned is great for your lawn’s appearance. It also serves to remove dead or dying branches that can pose a hazard of serious injury. It can also help to shape trees in desirable ways.
In fruit trees, tree trimming encourages the production of fruit rather than excessive branching. It removes sun-blocking growth that prevents a tall tree from growing branches from its lower trunk portion.

A Brief Guide on How to Stop Tree Pests

Insects eat plants. That’s part of the natural order of things, and it’s to be expected that insects and other pests will feed on your trees. It sounds nasty, but reducing this to zero occurrence is virtually impossible.
But sometimes tree pests cross the line, and that line is when they become a problem for tree care. Sometimes tree pests even grow too numerous, to the point of doing actual damage to your trees.
So here are some ways to beat those pesty tree pests in order to protect your trees.

How to Use Your Website to Attract Business

Why does your tree-care professional business have a website? It’s a form of advertising, of course! People can visit your website to find out about your business, read testimonials from your customers, and obtain contact information. Exploring a website is the first step towards choosing a company to do business with for many consumers—no matter what product or service they’re looking for.

How to Prevent Fraud in Your Tree Trimming Business

Most tree trimming companies are small businesses. That means you don’t have an army of lawyers at your beck and call, and you entrust many functions of your business to others, partners or employees. Most of the time, your trust is well placed. This blog is about those few times when it’s not.
Let’s take a look at the warning signs of embezzlement and what you can do to prevent it.

4 Foolproof Ways to Prepare Your Trees for Fall

Fall is a little over a month away. Summer’s heat is still strong, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about tree care tasks you’ll need to get done as the cooler weather sets in and before winter arrives.
The fall is a crucial time of year for trees in a temperate zone. It’s a time when they prepare to go dormant and wait for the return of spring, and their caretakers have things to do as well.

How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Tree Trimming Business

If you’re like a lot of tree-trimming professionals, you rely on email a lot, but it contributes very little to generating business for your tree-trimming service. You might use it to discuss with your customers what they need done, or to confirm scheduled work, or in some cases to send an invoice. You’ll also use it for customer service, to respond to inquiries or complaints.

All Dried Out: How to Care for Your Tree During a Drought

Everyone has likely heard of the ongoing drought in California by now. But, while that state is the hardest hit, prolonged drought is also afflicting much of the western United States and Canada. Absent headlines, early warning signs of drought aren’t always visible to the non-expert. As all plants do, trees need water to survive, and a drought can cause lasting harm to trees or even kill them.

Tree Trimming Professionals: Tips for Staying Safe This Summer

Call in the Pros. Tree trimming professionals and arborists have dangerous jobs. Homeowners call these professionals to handle tasks that are too dangerous to safely tackle on one’s own, as well as for their in-depth knowledge of tree care.

Why You Need a Tree Removal Service

The big tree in your yard is dead—or it’s diseased or insect-infested to the point where it’s a lost cause. You know you need to cut it down and remove it, but you also may be tempted to avoid the task altogether.
On the other hand, you may be tempted to save money by removing the tree yourself. But here are some reasons why both of these options are bad ideas.