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Winter is Stressful for Trees, Too!

Sick of this winter? Who isn't? But, we aren't the only ones that become stressed out by winter - snow fall, rain, sleet, ice, and the works. Trees are designed by nature to endure tough conditions, but that doesn’t mean that trees can’t suffer winter damage. Winter is a tough time for any living creature. This is why many trees shed their leaves and go dormant in the winter, just like a bear hibernating.

How to Treat Storm-Damaged Trees

In most parts of the country, wintertime means storm season. A blizzard, a thunderstorm, a major windstorm, or just a heavy rain can damage your home and your property.
Trees are no exception. Heavy winds, heavy rain, and heavy snow or sleet can break branches or even tear whole trees apart. After a big storm, it’s important to check the trees on your property for damage. Here are some tips on how to best take care of your trees as soon as possible.

What are Neonicotinoids?

Neonicotinoids see their heaviest use in commercial agriculture, but they play a role in tree care as well. They provide effective ways to control insect pests that can harm or kill your trees, including wood-boring beetles such as the emerald ash borer, and also scale, adelgids, whiteflies, and aphids.
What are Neonicotinoids?

How Trees Can Help with Heating Your Home

We think of trees as something that keeps us cool, as shady places to hang out under in the hot sun, but trees can help keep your home warmer in the wintertime, too. The main culprit that trees can help with is wind. Even if your home is well sealed and insulated, the wind chill factor sips heat from the outside of your home and makes your insulation work harder to keep the warmth inside.

Beware of Tree Trimming Service Scams

There are many skilled, ethical, hard-working tree trimming services out there.  Unfortunately, there are also many tree trimming companies that are scams or operate under poor business practices.  Bad winter storms tend to bring out those so-called businesses, offering their services before you even consider the need for a tree trimmer.

Why Potted Trees Are Great for Winter

The cold months tend to mean a break from gardening and horticulture.  Even the big box stores replace the gardening products with holiday decorations, then storage containers.
However, there are still several options if you wish to indulge your green thumb, or if you need thriving plants to counter the frozen landscape outside.  A great choice is potted trees and shrubs which provide many benefits and easy tree care.
Maintaining and Shaping

How Does Freezing Rain Affect Trees?

Whether it is called Polar Vortex, lake-effects storm, or just really horrible winter weather, freezing rain can be a disaster.  While it may look pretty, it can coat every surface with ice from one-eighth of an inch to twelve inches thick.
Freezing rain can also be destructive and bring down power lines, freeze automobiles, and other structures, and damage anything it comes in contact with.  Freezing rain is also harmful to plants, especially trees.

How to Manage Deer in Your Yard

As cities and suburbs expand, the areas where nature and civilization meet are becoming more and more common.  It is becoming usual to encounter wildlife in the middle of human settlements, such as wolves and cougars raiding housing subdivisions.

Tree Trimming Business Goals for 2015

The primary goal of any business is to make enough money to pay the bills, pay employees, and for the owner to take a salary for his or herself.  Increasing profits is not only nice, but a necessity.  However, setting such a vague goal without considering specifics is basically leaving the success of your business to chance.  Here we take a look at key tree trimming business goals and planning for 2015.

5 Tools Everyone in the Tree Care Industry Should Be Using

Proper equipment is an important part of arboriculture.  Proper tools help tree trimming professionals to do the job correctly and safely.  Of course, what equipment you need will be determined by what services you offer your clients.  However, here are five tools everyone in the tree care industry should be using.