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Top 10 Signs You Should Invest In Tree Care

Generally, trees take care of themselves.  In nature, they create their own food, grown, lose leaves, and unhealthy limbs, reproduce, and finally die without our help.  However, when trees are in a human-friendly environment, such as a city or suburbs, they need our involvement from time to time, and a pro is the best way to help.
Here are the top ten signs you need to invest in professional tree care.
1. Strange Bugs

The Rising Price of Christmas Trees

Consumers may see a rise in the price of live Christmas trees this year, due to a variety of factors including weather and smaller supply.  In recent years, the rise in popularity of faux trees and lower real tree prices caused many tree farms to go out of business.
As a result, as the economy slowly recovers, there are fewer tree suppliers for an increasing demand.  Therefore, living Christmas trees cost a little more this year.

4 Fun Reasons to Have a Tree Trimming Party

Thanksgiving is over.  As soon as you emerge from your food coma, it is time to take down the paper turkey decorations and put up the nativity scenes, stockings, and twenty miles of twinkling lights.  Between shopping, gift giving, and baking, you also need to work in multiple holiday parties and, of course, your normal responsibilities and routine.

Signs You Might Need a Tree Trimming Professional

Trees generally do well with only minimal help from people.  However, when things go bad, they can go very bad.  Here are four signs of potentially big trouble that should send you calling for a tree trimming consultation.
The Leaves are Turning Brown – It’s Not Fall

4 Tips for Cold Weather Tree Care

The meteorologists are telling us that North America is going to be hit with some fiercely cold weather early this winter.  Are you and your trees prepared?  Here are some tree care tips to help your trees survive the frigid temperatures.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Tree Trimming Professional

Unfortunately, there are many unprofessional and unscrupulous contractors working in the tree care industry, giving tree trimming professionals a bad reputation.  Often, they prey on unsuspecting homeowners after big storms, knocking on doors to offer their services.  Other times, they appear to be legitimate business, with business cards, a toll free number and website, and insurance.

3 Ways to Prune Trees Wrong

Most tree species are very forgiving of human mistakes.  They can recover from over and under watering, forgetting to mulch, neglect, and even rambunctious children.  However, there are three very big pruning mistakes you should avoid at all costs.  Here are three ways to prune trees the wrong way.

If Trees Could Sing…

The Tennessee chapter of the Nature Conservancy and Nashville Metro Parks have created a unique project to highlight the benefits and pleasures of trees.  In Nashville’s Centennial Park, a variety of trees are marked with a sign with a QR code which, when scanned with a smart phone, links to a video of a musician talking about that tree species.  In the short videos,

Why Weak Limbs Need Trimming in the Fall

Tree care experts recommend trimming trees in the fall to prevent damage to property or people during harsh winter weather conditions.  Weak limbs can break and rip under the pressure of strong winds and heavy snow and ice during the winter.  If there is a building, vehicle, or other target nearby, the cost of repair could be prohibitive and a homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover all of it.

4 Frightful Trees to Admire this Fall

October is the scariest month of the year, with nonstop horror flicks on the television, ghost stories, haunted houses, and little creatures showing up on doorsteps asking for candy.  Most of us are searching for great costumes while decorating our houses and yards with the creepiest and scariest ghouls we can find.  However, nature can always outdo even Stephen King.  Here we take a look at some of the ickiest trees and plants in the world.
Plastic Skeletons…or Painful Spikes?