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How to Trim and Prune Trees Like a Professional

Pruning and trimming trees like the tree-trimming professionals is a matter of knowing when as much as knowing how and why. The reasons for tree pruning include:

What is a "Bleeding" Tree?

A “bleeding” tree – one that leaks sap from cuts, especially in the spring – can be unnerving to prune, and the loss of fluid from the tree sometimes creates worries about tree care.
What is Sap?

How to Grow Cedar Trees

A member of the cypress family, cedar trees make a fragrant and beautiful addition to any landscape. The scent alone is a breath of heaven. An evergreen, cedar trees remain attractive through the winter. Happily, they’re also easy to grow, care for, and maintain.
Starting Cedar Trees from Seed

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Earth Day: Then and Now

Celebration of Earth Day on April 22 goes back to the beginning of the environmental shift which first began to surface in 1970. The idea of Earth Day should first be put into the context of its origin, and then moved beyond it to understand the implications for us today.

Do Plantable Coffee Cups Really Exist?

The world has a disposable waste problem. Of course, this is no secret. But while we’ve all acknowledged it, what are we doing about it?
In fact, a company in California has stepped up and is addressing a small portion of the problem: paper coffee cups. The company, based in San Luis Obispo and called Reduce. Reuse. Grow. offers cups that aren’t just recyclable but plantable.
How Are Plantable Coffee Cups Made?

Lawn Care vs. Tree Care: What You Need to Know

If you’re like most homeowners, you want both a glorious lawn and fine, healthy trees. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to maintain both at once. This is mainly due to the variations in light conditions, soil acidity, and other factors that contribute to great trees aren’t and a pleasant lawn.

Homeowner Tree Care Accidents: Why You Should Call a Tree Trimming Professionals

In 2014, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) compiled a study recently that involved 37 accidents that occurred to homeowners doing their own tree trimming or other tree care, and that were reported in the media.

The Shocking Facts Behind Deforestation

Most people and arborists know that trees are more than just shade, fresh fruit, or a decoration for your property. In fact, they are a vital component to the web of life on this planet…and unfortunately, one that’s threatened by human activity.
What is Deforestation?

Is Spring Coming Earlier for Trees?

Most people know some of the consequences that flow from climate change, including rising sea levels and extreme weather. But we seldom think of the impact that climate change has on trees. Aside from trees that, along with everything else, will be flooded out by vanishing coastlines, the biggest impact of climate change on trees occurs in temperate forests and to deciduous species. These changes make a difference for tree care and tree trimming professionals may need to learn about them.