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Why Do Leaves Change Color in Autumn?

As the temperatures drop, the leaves on trees change to a beautiful array of colors before finally falling to the ground.  In fact, some areas of the country, such as the Northeast, are famous for the gorgeous fall weather and leaves.  Places such as New England attract folks from all over, also known as “leafers” to enjoy the beautiful foliage.  This event is more than just a display for our enjoyment, it is a complex and important biological process that helps the trees not only surv

Webworm Nests: Signs of Trouble?

In late summer or early fall, your trees may start showing signs of webworms.  Large webs or nests may form on branches, like a gigantic spider has taken over.  However, you are not being invaded by arachnids but rather the larva of white moths.

5 Easy Tree Care Tips to Live By

There is a lot of tree care information out there, especially on this website, and it can all get a bit confusing.  Do you prune in fall and mulch in spring?  Or is it the other way around?  What is the fertilizer chemical ratio again?  Why is it so difficult?  It does not have to be.  Here we break down the best, simplest tree maintenance advice in five easy tips.
1. Choose Wisely

The Horrors of Tree Topping

Have you ever driven through your neighborhood and have seen some very odd looking trees?  These trees are full grown, with strong, thick limbs that end abruptly in naked stubs.  Perhaps the stubs are covered with short, scrawny shoots of new growth, making the tree look like a worn out scrub brush.  These ugly trees are the victims of a horrible tree care practice known as tree topping.

Rules for Fall Tree Planting

Early spring is the best time for pruning, but early autumn is the best time for planting many trees.  As temperatures rise, trees begin to use energy to grow and bloom.  However, at the end of summer, the sapling can use the energy to establish a good root system, giving the plant a jump start for the next growing season.  After the worst of the heat, the soil can retain moisture better, without water logging the roots.

Why You Should Always Leave Tree Storm Damage to the Pros

Once a vicious blizzard, thunderstorm, or high winds have blown through your neighborhood, you may find that your trees have suffered some damage.  Perhaps the ice or strong winds have brought down some limbs, or maybe the tree was even struck by lightning.  You may be tempted to get a jump on the post-storm clean up by pruning or even removing the tree yourself.

Citrus Tree Care for Cool Climates

Even though we may not be ready to admit it, the fall and cooler weather is on its way.  For some, it may be time to begin thinking of pruning back plants or even considering which types of plants would thrive best in cooler temperatures and climates.  Consider a cool, hardy citrus tree.

4 Valuable Tips on the Price of Trees

When considering landscaping ideas for your yard and planting trees, the total cost of trees and plants, and the work factor into the decision making process.  However, it is not as simple as looking at the price tag in the nursery.  Many different aspects of pricing and value should be considered.
What goes into the cost of a tree?

Forest Bathing for Better Health

Scientists and nature lovers have always known that plants and animals can have a positive effect on people, impacting their health, stress level, and mood.  However, a practice from Japan has shown that an easy but specific form of nature enjoyment can have a powerful effect on health.

Quick Tips on Organic Fruit Tree Care

For many consumers, the solution to pest prevention or infestation is a chemical pesticide.  However, as much as today’s companies work to create safe products, unnatural chemical pesticides can still be harmful to plants, animals, people, and the environment.