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How to Care for a Fruit Tree

Fruit trees are often desired to complement any home backyard, property, or landscape. Depending on the type of fruit tree selected, most fruit trees bloom and flower and bear fruit. Some of the most common fruit trees selected by home or property owners are peach trees, apple trees, crabapple trees, or even cherry trees. Of course each fruit tree’s growth and survival depends on climate, but ultimately they can be the perfect addition to any landscape.

Solve Your Drought Problems with These Amazing Drought-Resistant Trees

It’s no secret that when a drought hits, your yard and plants suffer.  The grass turns brown and crunchy, flowers desiccate, and the trees begin to die.  The only alternative is to try to make up for the lack of rainfall by watering all of your plants and maintaining a rigorous tree care routine.

How the Hemlock Tree is Perfect for Your Landscape

Not to be confused with its namesake, the hemlock tree has been a landscaping favorite since the pioneer days.  It was named after the lethal plant because the tree’s foliage produces a scent similar to the plant.  However, the hemlock tree is a wonderful addition to any landscape, be it a residential backyard or commercial property, providing a unique beauty and flush and blend of green to many other trees and flowers as well as having many important uses.

How to Treat Common Tree Diseases

Property owners and homeowners know that good tree care is an important thing to consider when landscaping and keeping up a yard or piece of property. In addition to pruning, trimming, and yearly maintenance, part of tree care is also preventing and treating various diseases that may infect your tree.  Any infection will affect the health and beauty of your plant, and may weaken the limbs and create a risk to your property or family.

Why Trees Love Mulch

Landscapers and tree care workers always recommend laying mulch around the bases of trees.  Fresh mulch can give a yard a professional, finished, clean, and attractive look.  However, trees love mulch for more than aesthetic reasons.

How to Avoid Trees That Make You Sneeze

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and there is a slight breeze carrying the lovely scent of flowers.  You open the window or step outside and take a deep breath.  Big mistake.  As beautiful and enjoyable as nature is, this time of year can be brutal on allergy sufferers.

Technology Must-Haves for Tree Trimming Professionals

For the most part, tree care and tree trimming is a rather low-tech industry.  While there have been updates over the decades to the tools used such as cherry pickers, pesticides, and safety equipment, the tree trimming basics are a plant, a blade, some rope, and a lot of bravery.

3 Poisonous Trees That Will Shock You

Trees provide many benefits to a yard, whether it is shade, aesthetic pleasure, a strong base for a tree house, energy savings, or delicious fruits and nuts.  However, some trees, such as buckeyes and oaks, are poisonous, causing anything from an upset stomach to a quick death.  Here we take a look at some common poisonous trees that you should avoid planting in your yard.

Why Tree Trimmers Love Tree Safety

When a limb needs to be removed, or a dying tree needs to be felled, many homeowners believe they can do the job themselves.  It can seem like such a waste of time and money to hire a tree trimming professional when you have your own chainsaw, ladder, and complimentary workforce in friends and family.  While some minor work can be done by amateurs, such as removing small, low-hanging limbs, major trimming is best left to the professionals, if for no other reason than for tree safety.

How Often Should You Water Your Trees?

Maintaining a proper moisture level is one of the most important parts of tree care, as well as being the most in your control.  Relying solely on the weather to water your trees can leave your plants subject to drought.  However, overcompensating can cause your trees to die from over watering.  So, just when should you water your trees?