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Basic Tips on Caring for a Chaste Tree

During Medieval times, monks believed eating the leaves of a certain plant would reduce libido:  The bush was called the Chaste Tree, or Vitex agnus-castus.  It is native to the Mediterranean area, but does well elsewhere, including North America up to Hardiness Zone 7.  This tree grows rapidly, and requires minimal tree care and many people enjoy having the Chaste tree for a variety of reasons.

4 Small Trees Perfect for Small Spaces

There are times when a large tree is a problem, and when a small tree is just what you need. For example, if you need a little ornamentation along a wall, or some trees to screen your property from the road without interfering with power lines, then small trees are the perfect solution. Here we discuss some common small trees popular with home and property owners.
Crab Apple Trees

3 Common Questions on Parasitic Plants and Tree Care

Nature is, of course, a disorganized mix of plants and animals, and species rarely keep to themselves.  Sometimes the interconnectedness of biology can be harmful.  Animals and plants live, eat, and eventually die and decay.  The decaying matter is decomposed and breaks down, and then becomes food for other plants and animals.  While we have all accepted the circle of life, how can we prolong our plants’ lives to make them last for as long as possible?
What Are Considered Parasitic Plants?

Going Green: What’s in it for Me?

Growing environmental concerns have greatly changed and impacted the way we live and the way society functions today. Environmental concerns have increased awareness of global warming, clean energy, recycling, sustainable resources, and ecology. They have even started the “going green” movement in society, which involves conserving energy, using natural products, food, and energy resources, and has increased and improved recycling methods. While it may appear obvious, what is all this for, and how can you do your part?

Happy Earth Day 2014!

Earth Day is here again. Every year we find our own personal and individualized ways to celebrate Earth Day. That could be planting flowers, planting a tree, eating or doing something “green”, working with animals, or even recycling. Earth Day is all about doing or contributing something beautiful and environmentally friendly to our world.

The Benefits of Trees on Business Property

Discussions about the benefits of trees usually focus on private real estate.  However, there are just as many, if not more, reasons to plant and maintain trees on commercial property.  Of course, properly placed trees can help reduce energy costs by shading and cooling the buildings during summer and by blocking wind and snow during winter.  This can offset the increase in temperatures caused by light reflecting off of pavement and sidewalks.  The plants help absorb precipitation, reducing runoff and erosion.

Looking for Some More Color in Your Yard?

One of the greatest rewards of tree care is the beauty and variety of colors.  Trees provide a great deal of green, of course, then yellows and reds when fall comes.  However, you are not limited to that palette in your trees.  With a little planning, you can have a rainbow in your yard that lasts throughout the year.

Will the Spring Thaw Drown Your Tree?

As we finally emerge from winter into warmer temperatures, all the snow and ice will melt.  Of course, this creates muddy yards and walkways, and other types of messes.  Unfortunately, it can also cause problems for newly awakening plants, such as your trees.  If the water does not drain properly, it can stay in the soil around the roots, actually drowning the tree.  How do you prevent this and what do you do if it is too late?

Spring Has Sprung: It’s Tree Trimming Season

Spring has sprung! Not only is it finally time for outdoor activities, grilling, and planting, ‘tis the season for pruning trees!  How do we know, other than the sudden abundance of tree trimming professionals out and about?  Because right now is the sweet spot between the winter and full spring.

Things to Consider Before Planting a Tree

As spring approaches, many people head outside to clean up from the winter, prepare gardens and flower beds for summer, and simply work on their landscaping and home.  For many, planting a tree is part of the chore list, or perhaps a spur of the moment decision.  Like most home improvement projects, the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once,” applies.  When it comes to planting trees, there are some very important details to consider first, rather than regretting not thinking about later.