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What Are the Fastest Growing Trees?

The stately grandeur of a hickory tree can be magnificent, but waiting for it to reach maturity can be extremely frustrating.  Sometimes, whether due to landscaping, conservation, or pure impatience, a fast growing tree is what you want.  Today we look at some interesting tree facts about speedy growers.

Spring Tree Maintenance: Should You Hire a Tree Trimming Professional?

It's finally March, and hopefully Spring is just around the corner for most areas!  So what does this mean?  In anticipation and excitement for the start of Spring, many are spending time thinking about landscaping and their outdoor projects.  

What Are Tree Appraisals?

If you live on this Earth and breathe oxygen, you would know that trees provide many benefits.

Should You Fertilize Your Trees?

Plants require certain nutrients in order to grow and maintain health and strength.  Under normal, natural circumstances, trees receive their nutrients from decaying leaves and other plant material, and even animal waste.  However, in an urban or suburban environment, trees often lack these natural sources of nutrients.

Older is Better to Fight Global Warming

Trees start small, as a little seed, then grow and grown until they reach their prime, then begin to decline, much like people, right?  Wrong, apparently.  Scientists have recently found that most tree species actually accelerate growth the older they become.  They stop growing taller, which creates the appearance of lack of growth.  However, the trees continue to add width and density in branches.

What Are the Common Causes of Tree Care Fatalities?

Year after year, the same three incidences top the list of causes of fatalities in the tree care industry:  being struck by a tree or limb, falling, and electrocution.  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducted research into the deaths in the tree care industry in 1992-2007.  Of the 1285 deaths, almost half of them were due to the victims being hit by objects, such as trees or limbs.  Of the 1285 deaths, 569 of the fatalities occurre

What Happened to the American Chestnut Tree?

Once upon a time, the Chestnut tree covered the American landscape.  It was an almost perfect tree, growing strong and straight and providing food for people and animals.  Unfortunately, in the early twentieth century, the trees became infected with a horrible disease. It is believed that the disease originated and was imported into the United States by accident from Japan.

Don’t Burn That Christmas Tree!

Throughout the holiday season, articles, public service announcements, news reports, and press releases go out and focus on Christmas tree safety.  Particularly for those households who use real trees, it’s important to keep them watered for as long as they are up and decorated.  The holidays are over for another year, but now many are still trying to figure out how to dispose of their tree, and using it for firewood seems like a good idea.

Tree Trimming Standards: What Tree Care Professionals Need to Know

The American National Standards Institute has issued, and continues to review, a set of standards for the tree trimming industry.  Why is this important for tree care professionals and what do they know? Tree care professionals will only enhance their knowledge, performance, and professionalism, as well as remain compliant, which could tie into renewing insurance policies or certifications.

Is Winter the Best Time of Year to Prune Your Trees?

The leaves are raked or mulched, young trees are wrapped, and the lawn mower is locked away until the spring.  Maybe you’ve even seen the first snowfall of the season!  And if you are lucky enough to live in one of the regions that has already seen enough snow to shovel this winter, your outdoor chores are done until spring, right?  Maybe.  In fact, winter can actually be a great time to do some pruning.  Here we look at why and how tree trimming can be done during the winter.