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Winter Proofing Your Trees and Property

According to many meteorologists, this winter promises to be a harsh one, with frigid temperatures and many storms threatening snow and ice.  As you prepare your home and property for the cold and snow, don’t also forget about tree care.  The effort will not only help the plants, but it may spare your house, your property, your neighbor’s property, from serious damage.

What You Should Know About Evergreen Trees

Perhaps because they seem so unchanging with their constant color, evergreen trees can easily be thought of as the hardiest of trees, invulnerable, and permanent fixtures in the landscape.  However, evergreens can actually be quite sensitive to disease and pests, especially when suffering from stress due to environmental factors.  Fortunately, the very thing that defines them can also tell us they overall health and sustenance: their leaves.

How to Increase Awareness and Presence: If Homeowners Can’t Find You, They Can’t Hire You!

You have assembled a good team of professional tree trimmers. You have made sure everyone is up on the latest training and practices.  You believe you are the best crew for any job.  Now, how do you find and keep customers?  In this rough economy, the competition for business can be brutal, and establishing a good presence in the community is crucial.
The Internet and Online Marketing

How Roofing Professionals Can Use Social Media

Social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are everywhere today. Almost every advertisement, article, app, and website shows a little icon encouraging you to comment, share, like or check in. Even senior citizens have some level of online presence today.  However, social media can be more than just the most entertaining procrastination toy of our lives.  It can help generate business, make sales, and assist with customer follow up, even for non-digital businesses like professional tree trimming services.

Stop Raking Leaves!

The holidays have come early for home owners—you now have a real reason not to rake the leaves!  For generations, home owners, or their children, spent hours every autumn raking leaves, trying to stay ahead of the piles.  If left on the grass for the winter, leaves can block sunlight and air, killing the lawn.  The matted organic material can trap too much moisture, attracting insects and turf diseases.  Also, many people find the wet clumps unattractive, and home owners association

Do Professional Tree Trimmers Need a Written Work Proposal?

The concept of a written contract for work can be rather scary.  You know the saying, “Get it in writing,” but you also know, “Hire a lawyer before you sign.”  Thoughts of confusing legal language and tremendous hassle for what should be a simple transaction can prevent consumers from asking for a written work proposal.  Besides, plenty of services are done without something in writing, from haircuts to car repairs.  Do professional tree trimmers really need to provide a written work proposal?  In a word, yes.

Is Your Tree Care Professional Certified in Safety?

Tree care is a dangerous business.  In August of 2013, an estimated eleven tree care industry workers were injured, and an estimated five were killed in work-related accidents.  This was not an unusual month.  While there is no way to prevent all accidents, proper safety procedures can minimize risk.

The Art and Science Behind Professional Tree Climbing

Most of us climbed a tree or two in our childhood, scrambling up the trunk and limbs, testing ourselves or competing against friends and siblings to see who can climb the highest. It can be simple to think that climbing a tree for pruning is just as easy. However, professional tree climbing is part art and part science, and underestimating the skill involved can be quite dangerous.

Why an Empire Should be Built with the Longest Living Trees

Horticulturists will advise to choose trees with the life expectancy you want for that spot when planning your landscape.  For example, do you want a tree that will still be standing, strong and giant, generations from now?  Or would you prefer a smaller, faster growing tree, to be replaced in about fifteen years?  Then the question becomes, how do you know how long a tree will live?

How to Help Trees Survive Winter

While big, strong trees protect your home from the harsh winter weather, the plants themselves can also fall victim to the season.  Snow, ice, and wind put obvious stress on the plants, causing weak and broken limbs and downed trees.  The low temperatures can dry out trees, and the sun can actually scald bark.  Here we take a look at how to protect your trees as they protect you during the seasonal changes.