4 Foolproof Ways to Prepare Your Trees for Fall

Fall is a little over a month away. Summer’s heat is still strong, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about tree care tasks you’ll need to get done as the cooler weather sets in and before winter arrives.
The fall is a crucial time of year for trees in a temperate zone. It’s a time when they prepare to go dormant and wait for the return of spring, and their caretakers have things to do as well.
The fall is a great time to give your trees an annual fertilizing. Over the summer, your trees have been especially active and used up a number of nutrients to grow. It’s time to replace those nutrients and give our trees a boost as they prepare for the winter months or dormancy. Use a slow-release fertilizer to avoid soil burn.
Just as your trees use up soil nutrients in their summer growth, they can also exhaust the moisture supply, especially if rainfall has been skimpy. To hydrate your trees properly this fall, use a deep soaker hose or drip irrigation system so the water gets way down to the root ends. That helps conserve water as well as giving your trees their most efficient drink.
It’s not common knowledge, but autumn is actually the best time to plant new trees. Temperatures are cooler than in the summer and new trees aren’t likely to burned by high temperatures or damaged by drought. Planting trees in the fall gives them a chance to grow root systems and prepare for a dormant winter, positioning them well for a spurt of growth the following spring.
Pruning and Bracing
Fall is also, of course, the time to prepare for winter. Harsh weather is coming and your trees will face the stress of extreme cold, below freezing temps, high winds, and storms. In order to protect your trees through the winter, now is the time to brace your trees with cables and stakes, and to prune at-risk branches. As the tree’s sap system slows down, this becomes the best time for pruning. It’s important to do this now rather than in the winter itself when the tree has less resources to repair itself, or in the high-growth times of spring and summer.
There’s plenty of tree care to do in the fall. In fact, it’s probably the busiest season of the year for tree care, and late summer (like right now) is the time to plan what you’ll do in the coming months.
For more information on how to properly care for your trees and plants this fall, contact your local tree trimming professional or service today.