How to Use Your Website to Attract Business

Why does your tree-care professional business have a website? It’s a form of advertising, of course! People can visit your website to find out about your business, read testimonials from your customers, and obtain contact information. Exploring a website is the first step towards choosing a company to do business with for many consumers—no matter what product or service they’re looking for.
Clearly, then, attracting people to your website is a great way to advertise your business. Let’s explore some ways to do that. Making sure that people can find your website – that it will show up in a web search – is the art of search engine optimization (SEO).
How Search Engines Work
The exact algorithms are kept secret by Google and other search-engine companies, and the details are always changing in order to improve service and to keep them secret, but the basic process remains constant. The two hinges on which the search engine pivots are keywords and links.
First of all, a user conducting a search will enter a word or phrase and the engine will search for websites where key words in that search parameter are present. In most cases, that search engine finds tons of websites using particular key words. So how does the search engine rank those pages?
One of the most important ways is by the number of qualified external links, which is to say, other websites relevant to the search that link to yours. The more such links there are, the higher your website is likely to rank in the search engine’s algorithms.
How to Get Links
There are essentially three sources of relevant links into your web site: professional organizations, other businesses, and other websites that you control.
If you’re a member of a professional organization (either as a part of your tree-trimming business or otherwise), you probably have a profile page there. Make sure that profile page includes a link to your business website, and also place links on your business website to the pages of those organizations.
There are plenty of businesses that are complementary to yours rather than in direct competition, such as landscapers and nurseries. Arrange with those businesses for an exchange of links. Link to their sites from yours, and ask them to do the same for you.
Finally, consider opening a blog, or hiring someone to do it for you. Your blog provides a great way to engage with customers in itself, and also lets you link back to your own business page.
Online marketing takes persistence and patience, but when executed correctly, can mean huge rewards and growth for your tree trimming business.