Signs You Might Need a Tree Trimming Professional

Trees generally do well with only minimal help from people.  However, when things go bad, they can go very bad.  Here are four signs of potentially big trouble that should send you calling for a tree trimming consultation.
The Leaves are Turning Brown – It’s Not Fall
Leaves turning brown and dying out of season can indicate many different problems, some minor, some major.  On the most basic level, leaves brown when they do not receive enough water or nutrients.  This can be cause by bugs, fungus, or leaf scorch.  Leaf scorch occurs because the tree’s root system is unable to provide enough water to the entire tree.  The cause could be drought, damaged roots, a young tree, or any of a number of other issues.
Calling for a consultation with a tree trimming service will help you determine what corrective actions to take.
Holes and Tunnels
Borer insects are very dangerous to trees.  These bugs usually eat their way into the plant, lay eggs, then, when mature, the next generation eats their way out.  This damages the trees severely because the bugs chew through the wood, which interrupts the flow of water and nutrients.  Also, many of these species spread quickly, killing entire stands of trees before people can stop the infestation.
Call for help if you see holes in the bark of your trees, or notice tunnels boring through the wood.  Often, there is also a pile of sawdust under the hole in the bark.
Branches Near Power Lines
While your utilities company will tell you if your trees are too close to the power lines, why let it get that far?  Untrimmed foliage near power lines is extremely dangerous, not just for you but for the entire community.  It was one of the major causes of the Northeastern Blackout of 2003, which cut power to an estimated 55,000,000 people and contributed to at least ten deaths.
Tree trimming professionals can keep the branches away from power lines and safely in your yard.
Splitting and Leaning
Splitting, leaning, cracking – these can all be signs of weakened trees and branches.  A good storm can be the final straw, tearing the tree apart.  It may land on your house, car, or, most frightening, a person.  If a tree or branch looks weak, unstable, or just wrong, call a tree trimming service for a consultation.  You will be glad you did.