Technology Must-Haves for Tree Trimming Professionals

For the most part, tree care and tree trimming is a rather low-tech industry.  While there have been updates over the decades to the tools used such as cherry pickers, pesticides, and safety equipment, the tree trimming basics are a plant, a blade, some rope, and a lot of bravery.
However, in recent years, modern technology has been working its way into every part of our lives, from how we communicate to how we play to how we pay for things and how we get paid.  The business of tree trimming professionals is no different.  Today, almost everyone carries a Smartphone with them everywhere and software developers have recognized that technology can help arborists do their work easier, safer, and more profitably.
Some Smartphone apps are created with tree trimming professionals in mind.  Their purpose is to help tree care workers give accurate diagnosis of fungi, confirm the proper way to tie a safety not, or assist in maintaining a large urban forest.  While non-tree care specific business apps, like banking or credit card processing tools, can be used by arborist, downloads such as Arborist App may work better.  Instead of having to fit tree related information into generic slots on a spreadsheet, this app allows you to create professional, specific reports and invoices and print or email to your customers.
Other Smartphone tools and websites straddle the line between professional and layman targeted.  This can actually help you in your business.  For example, American Forests’ Tree Protection Toolkit is aimed at homeowners, giving them the ability to look up the value of their trees and calculate the benefits of planting new trees.
Tree trimming professionals, however, may find the website useful in their evaluations, and also in trying to educate the consumer.  When a potential client is unsure of what steps to take, you can walk them through the site, then allow them time to work with it on their own.  This will help them visualize the landscaping possibilities, tree care options, and give them confidence in their decision to hire you.
At its best, technology helps us protect and enjoy the natural world, all at our fingertips.  Apps and websites for tree trimming professionals help make our world safe, and even help customers and homeowners see the world of tree trimming and tree care as well.  With technology, the possibilities are endless.