Tree Trimming Business Goals for 2015

The primary goal of any business is to make enough money to pay the bills, pay employees, and for the owner to take a salary for his or herself.  Increasing profits is not only nice, but a necessity.  However, setting such a vague goal without considering specifics is basically leaving the success of your business to chance.  Here we take a look at key tree trimming business goals and planning for 2015.
Generally speaking, the first step to making more money is to do more business.  The best way to do more business is to find new customers through advertising.  However, this does not mean that you must spend a small fortune to put a commercial on local cable television.  In the digital age, many cheap or free options exist:  social media marketing and banner ads online.
Of course, do not forget old school tactics: direct mail marketing, neighborhood flyers, billboards, and coupons.  Set a realistic budget for advertising and then look outside your usual customer base, such as first-time homeowners or different neighborhoods.  Focus your advertising just before key arborist business times, like fall or spring.
Part of turning a profit is allowing for the increase in expenses.  Financial experts are advising that 2015 will show increases in costs for insurance, especially health insurance, as well as payroll.  Because insurance is such an important requirement for tree trimming professionals, be sure to allow plenty of money in your budget for that cost.
However, you may be able to save a little by shopping around for a better but cheaper insurance provider.  Be careful to look over all the new healthcare laws so that you are not surprised by a penalty or sudden cost.
What can be most surprising is the effect even the smallest details can have on your budget.  Meticulous upkeep and maintenance of equipment can save repair costs later.  Allowing for regular training days can prevent accidents down the line.  A well-trained and professional workforce can mean that you need fewer employees.  Therefore, when hiring, consider paying a little more to get a better employee.  If that is not an option, an inexperienced greenhorn with a good work ethic and a will to learn can turn into a loyal expert.
Also, take a hint from some package delivery companies and try to schedule small jobs in the same area on the same day.  For example, estimates or maintenance checks in the same neighborhood can be scheduled together, saving gas money as well as man-hours.
Finally, allow extra room in your budget.  As you well know, the tree trimming business requires flexibility and the ability to handle the unexpected.  Business planning for a tree trimming business is the same thing.  When you trim costs in one area, do not automatically spend it in another.  If by time 2016 rolls around you have not needed that money, you can reinvest it in your company.