Why Tree Trimmers Love Tree Safety

When a limb needs to be removed, or a dying tree needs to be felled, many homeowners believe they can do the job themselves.  It can seem like such a waste of time and money to hire a tree trimming professional when you have your own chainsaw, ladder, and complimentary workforce in friends and family.  While some minor work can be done by amateurs, such as removing small, low-hanging limbs, major trimming is best left to the professionals, if for no other reason than for tree safety.
Between the years of 1992 and 2007, over 1280 worker deaths were reported to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.  That translates into about eighty deaths a year of trained, knowledgeable tree trimmers.  That does not include injuries, both major and minor of professionals, or injuries and fatalities of untrained amateurs attempting their own tree work.
One very common cause of death, injury, or property damage to civilians is the combination of ladders and chain saws.  It can seem simple enough:  climb the ladder, cut the offending branch, and clean up the mess.  However, most household ladders are not designed for the uneven ground outside.  Whether a leaning ladder or a four-footed painter’s ladder, the structure starts off unstable and wobbly.  Even if you survive the fall, sharp blades and a high chance of falling is a bad combination.
Having another civilian hold the ladder may keep you from falling, but it also adds another person at risk below the work area.  A woman was killed in May 2011 while holding the ladder for her husband.  The branch he was cutting fell, striking her and causing her to hit her head on the concrete.  Trees are living things, with unseen pressures and forces at work.  They rarely fall the way an untrained observer would predict.  Falling limbs, the tree’s reaction to a sudden change in weight load and stability, and many other possibilities create a very dangerous environment.
These are just the major threats to tree safety.  Add to this list serious injury from not wearing safety goggles and other equipment, improperly maintained saws, possible electrocution due to power lines, human folly, and many, many other risks. After giving this some consideration, the cost of hiring a tree trimming professional does not seem like a bad idea. Leave the dangerous work to the pros.