Tree Facts

Trees are some of the most ubiquitous things on earth, yet do we really pay attention to them on a daily basis? Did you every stop and think that trees can be amazing and fascinating? Here are some remarkable facts you probably never knew about trees:

  • Of all the living things on earth, trees live the longest, and no tree has ever died of “old age” rather, they are usually killed by disease, insects or cut down by man.
  • The rings on the trunk not only tell the age of a tree, but can also give insight to different natural events like volcanic eruptions and variations in weather patterns.
  • Trees actually get most of their nutrition from the atmosphere (over 90%), and very little from the earth.
  • Both the oldest and tallest tree in the world can be found in California, and are both Redwoods. Estimated to be about 7,000 – 12,000 years old, the “Eternal God” can be found in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, while the “Mendocino Tree” is located at the Montgomery State Reserve and measures 367 feet and 6 inches.
  • The Albizzia Facata, found in Malaysia, grows at an average of 1 inch per day, making it the fastest-growing tree in the world.
  • There are an estimated 100,000 known species of trees in the world.
  • Do trees have a heartbeat? Not really, but if you use a stethoscope (or listen REALLY closely) you can hear the sap moving around the trunk, which may sound similar to that of a heartbeat.
  • A single tree can provide enough oxygen for about 4 people – totaling 260 pounds per year.
  • Selling your home? Don’t cut down that tree, as it can raise a property’s value by about 20%!
  • What a convenient truth! One acre of trees can absorb about 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide in a year – that’s like driving a car for 8,500 miles!
  • Trees cool down the earth in other ways – first by providing shade and blocking UV rays, and by releasing moisture into the air through transpiration.
  • Trees can also deter noise pollution, by acting as buffers and absorbing noise.
  • Oregon produces the most Christmas trees in the United States, about 6 million annually.
  • Arbor Day, which is celebrated on the last Friday of April, is a holiday established to encourage people to plant trees.